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The Skinny PowerYour meal on the go

Summer Drinks

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Sip SummerThe taste of cool

Ice-cold drinks

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When it's time for a break,Do it right

Wesley Sushi Menu

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Make Today AboutGreat Food


Successful days begin with a well-brewed cup of coffee. Coffee at Hava Java is made from the finest imported specialty beans that are ground into small batches for optimal taste.


A well-priced breakfast goes a long way. Check out the Hava Java Breakfast specials for the well-balanced meal that will impact your day.


Just when the day begins to pick up speed, you have the perfect excuse to take a break! From lunch with a friend, to grand corporate lunches, the Hava Java lunch menu will never disappoint you.


So, it’s 3 o’clock and your morning coffee has long dissipated. It’s time for a boost. Explore the Hava Java pastry and flavored drink menu for the perfect touch of indulgence.

Good Food WillCome To You

Place your order now to have it delivered within 45 minutes.

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Fresh IdeasServed Daily

Every day, every season, the food connoisseur at Hava Java experiment with new ingredients and the latest trends to serve you something bold and different.

Summer Icee Drinks
Salad Pizza
Gift the Right Way
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So you want to hearOur Story.

Here’s the short story.

Joel Mendlowitz from Monsey, NY searched for a place that would serve up beyond his expectations. 
He searched and searched, but could not find one that would surpass his standards. That’s why he set out to open a coffee shop he would be proud to call his own. 

He tested and tasted for two years until he was certain that his food will be the best that Monsey has to offer. 
Finally, on February 13, 2014, Hava Java opened to the rave reviews of fans.

And Monsey lived Havaly Eva After.
The long story? Well that’s not very glorious.

The long story is about the hundreds of recipe fails, the tedious trek for the purest ingredients, the long, long nights spent working the kitchen. The long story is about the fans that received Hava Java with open arms and eagerly devoured every new dish. The long story is about our commitment to fresh coffee and fresh thinking daily. The long story is about the day in, day out of building a place that has captured the hearts of food lovers everywhere. The long story includes your experience.

So drop us a line.
Tell us how your chapter of the story goes.


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Mini Dessert Platter
Sushi - Wesley Location
Chocolate Cheese Slice
Gift Cards for Every Occasion
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